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Reputation Management

There is no ambiguity that presence on internet or search engine's offers invaluable advantages to online business. But there are times when you see lot of negative sentiments and malicious information about your brand. In fact every business has its share of detractors on Internet. Such negative spread of information or detractors on internet can damage the reputation of your brand and your business. Negative sentiments lower the consumer confidence and reflect badly on your Internet driven sales.

Acoteor's advanced reputation management team ensure that such negative sentiments do not continue to harm your sale. Our specialist work day and night to either ratify malicious information from Internet and/or preferably change the negative sentiments associated with your brand to positive one. This is done proactively as well as reactively base on the size of business, the gravity of loss being faced by large business houses.

Pro active Reputation Management involves advanced filtering and analytics of the key phrases that effect negatively to your brand. This involves funneling sentiments from social mediums like Twitter & Facebook and analyzing the same to track the level of negative sentiments and suggesting and executing a counter strategy to convert this negative sentiments from going out of proportions on Internet.

Online reputation management services helps clients with information about the sentiment associated with a particular business name or keyword. Analytical platform provides a social media tool that pulls data from all social media websites and automatically segregates the data into sentiments that describe how users perceive a specific brand, whether positive negative or neutral.

What we do for your company/business reputation management
  • Audit your business, people, products, services etc. on Internet
  • Assessment & Replacement – All adverse information are thoroughly assessed and a stretegey is defined to convert negative sentiment associated with affirmative information. In some case we help remove information, if possible, from various such points on Internet.


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